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Community Outreach

Mission: To organize and facilitate public events and meetings, secure media promotions for those events; assist the newsletter editor in gathering content for publication. As you may imagine, this is a BIG undertaking. If one wanted to volunteer, this is a committee that could use your help.

Calendar of Events:
...all listed on our upcoming events page

For more information, contact the committee chair:
Chair: Martha Hoffman
Members: Asta Broskley, Judith Fordham, Mary Carol Frier, Ann Glaser, Sue Haney, Carol Myers, Bill Wolfe, Colleen Swetland, Barb Lange, Greta Haney, Becky Bragg

We'd love to have some additional members, so please contact Martha if you want to get involved.

Newsletter Editor: **We are actively looking for someone to fill this position. Let us know if you'd be interested!** Thank you, Nell Hanssen, for all of the time and effort you have put in to this over the years.