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[updated 2-13-15]

Penns Valley Learning Garden

Millheim PA - look for the pavillion at the Millheim Legion (1/4m west of the only traffic light in town)

OR in person each Saturday during the Farmers Market (May-->Oct)

Next Workshop or Next Meeting

February 18th 2015 - see email snapshots below

Agenda: STRUCTURE of coming 2015 growing season's PVLG efforts. Please come with your work/volunteer schedule in mind. I know we are looking for some changes this next year so a few people don't do most of the work.

Learning Garden Committee

Warren Leitzel, Jennifer Tucker, Holly D'Angelo, Toni & Nick Brink, Jim & Cathy Pierce, Curt & Joanne Buergin, Kat Alden, Shari Edelson, Scott Dennison, Betsy Green, Catherine Smith, Julie Mason. (note- if we're slighting anyone, please let us know and we'll remedy that most urgently).

The learning garden is staffed every Saturday during the Millheim Farmers Market (10am-1pm May through October) offering tours, children's activities and workshops.

About Us

Both learning and volunteer opportunities abound at the Penns Valley Learning Garden, whose motto is "Growing food, sharing skills, building community".

In 2010, the PVLG effort began with the building of a garden beside the Millheim Farmers market pavilion. Our intent is to bring together gardeners of all experience levels, to share garden know-how for the benefit of all who participate. The PVLG is dedicated to providing a space for anyone who is interested to explore, learn, and share knowledge related to simple, resilient living and organic gardening. The PVLG offers fresh picked and pick-your-own produce at the farmers market (the fruits of our labors and experiments), as well as a host of demonstrations, seminars, and classses that keep our volunteers busy all year. Topics have included cold-cellar food storage; produce preserving; season extension; rainwater irrigation (accomplished with a grant); composting; soil amendment; pest management; permaculture; and solar ovens. Often these lessons are carried out through trial and error while working in the garden. We also donate part of our harvest to the Millheim Outreach Center food bank program.

The Herb Garden broke ground in spring 2012 as a new section of the Learning Garden. Medicinal and kitchen herbs are offered, when available, at the Millheim Farmer's market. The purpose is for identification and to learn when to harvest, how to dry the herbs for use, and how to prepare home remedies for illness or better digestion.

Even when the growing season is over, the Penns Valley Learning Garden continues its mission. The Education and Outreach Committee planned and carried out "Squashapalooza, How to Cook Your Squash and Grow it Too," a free cooking demo and tasting table at the Old Gregg School Fall farmer's market. And this January, at three Penns Valley locations, the committee presented free showings for the public of the film "A Farm for the Future". This was followed in February and March with a public discussion group MENU FOR THE FUTURE using readings from Northwest Earth Institute.

Currently, the PVLG is planning educational programs for all ages at upcoming Farmers' Markets at the Old Gregg School and Millheim throughout the 2014 growing season. A grant from the U.S.Department of Agriculture will help us to provide children's activities and help draw customers to the markets. After the 2014 growing season, we are hoping to offer more study/discussion groups . Check out our website, for a calender of events, or stop by our table at the Millheim Farmer's Market. Feel free to tour the garden, compare notes on squash borer eradication with one of our volunteers, or pick up a hoe and lend a hand.

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